When life gives you a pandemic, make Micro-Weddings!

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Micro-wedding del 2019, con la sposa che passa tra gli invitati ridendo nella sala della cerimonia

When life gives you a pandemic… make Micro-Weddings!

Yeah, when most people started organizing their wedding for 2020, no one, not even the most experienced Wedding Planner, could imagine what would happen in the next few months, the chaos the world would fall in.

Apart from the, I hope, the obvious danger we’re in because of the pandemic, the big problem in the wedding business (for spouses and vendors alike) has been the wrench into the plans for bigger events. First and foremost because regulations in various states change twice a month, if not once a week, making the planning stage a minefield.

A wedding planner working with a mask, placing lanterns - Micro-weddings

My marvellous colleague Natalia Conigliaro

While we wait for the scientists to provide a viable vaccine, hopefully, soon, so that we can start getting back to our previous lives (or at least to a much more serene way of life), I think it’s important to offer solutions and remedies to all those people who want to get married so that they don’t have to postpone indefinitely their happy day, but can still do in the safest way possible.

One of these possible solutions are the Elopements, and we’ve talked about them in the past (if you’re curious, follow the link!), and another are… Micro-weddings!

What are Micro-Weddings? A Micro-wedding is usually a wedding with no more than 20-30 guests, often treated as a long weekend to spend in beautiful venues.

With the situation the world is in, we will need to change our habits, at least for a while. We might not like it (for one, I don’t) but that’s what we’re dealing with now. I also think that we just need to yell at the universe, sometimes. After that, though, we need to take action, the first of which should be taking care of ourselves psychologically, and then, do what humans do best: solve the heck out of it.

And as a Wedding Planner, problem-solving is my second nature, together with always trying to make the best of any situation.

True, this situation is so very far from ideal, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good time in the meanwhile. F**k you SARS-COV-2, we’re going to have fun despite you!

Micro-weddings, for the most part, are not that different than normal weddings: some people have already chosen to have smaller weddings before this situation arose.

I’ve personally organized some: they are just as beautiful, only, for different reasons.

I do love big weddings, I had a big wedding back in 2016, but I can say that, looking back to that day, sometimes I wonder where hours went, and how fast they passed!

A smaller number of guests means being able to give each of them more attention on your wedding day, to share everything with them, and really live in the moment.

It might be a tad more complicated to choose the people you can’t do without, but at least you’ll have a wonderful excuse not to invite that third cousin twice removed that your parents are saying you really have to invite if you don’t want them there.

It can also double as a weekend out with the people you love, going for a change of scenery and making it an even more special event for you and your guests. You can go for usually unexplored venues that could offer you a great experience that could not be replicated for a bigger party.

And no one says that, once we’re in a more stable and less dangerous situation, you cannot have a bigger celebration!
Two women in front of a beautifully decored table, with candles and wooden boxes - Micro-weddings

Photoshoot of the talented Kay Northrup Events, LLC

Micro-weddings can give you the chance to really give a personal touch. It’s easier to go DIY for them, and you can really enjoy the process of finding special details to delight your guests with. It could be the occasion to really customize the gift for every guest, seen as fewer people will be present. You know them better than most, so that’s easier than doing that for over 50 people.

The handling of the budget is also very different for a micro-wedding, as some costs, like the reception, go down. That may allow you, if you want, to splurge more on things you thought you would need to give up. For example, instead of standard printed invitations, you could go for handmade ones (either by yourself or by some of the fantastic artists and calligraphers around), and you could really take the occasion to make a new experience, together with the people you choose to have with you!

Would having a wedding planner help with a Micro-wedding?

As for everything, it’s not compulsory, but it’s still a lot of hours of research and planning that a professional wedding planner saves you from. For example, searching the vendors, contacting them, checking on reviews on several websites, making schemes to compare pros and cons for each of them, etc. Especially if you decide to go on the “Destination Wedding” route. As Wedding Planners, we already know a lot of different vendors. Part of our job is exploring and looking for more of them to offer you the ones that really fit with you and your vision for your wedding, plus… with the Covid-19 situation, regulations keep on being upgraded, and new protocols are studied and established. It’s fundamental to have someone to follow them, understand them, and to make sure that every vendor is compliant with them.

My worst nightmare, right now, is having my spouses and their guests risk a fine, a quarantine, or worse, in one of my events. Admittedly, we can’t control everything (for example, people’s behaviour), but, sure as hell, we can make sure that everything else is done by the best standards.

Micro-weddings are a ton of fun, in any case! So, why don’t you book a consultation with me to understand if it’s the right route for you? Click on the reassuring blue button below!


Credits: first photo: Natalia Conigliaro Eventi

Second photo: Kay Northrup Events, LLC photo by Samantha Margaret Photography

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