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Because each story needs to be told in style!

Weddings are important! They’re traditional, traditions are so fundamental, you can’t diverge from them! Yeah, yeah, I know, I can already hear you groaning there.
Wait, there’s more.

Weddings are boring! They’re all the same, all the same white dress, all the same droning ceremony, all the same music but oh no, you can’t possibly make your entrance with the Imperial March!
Does this sound familiar?
I bet so.

But… it doesn’t have to be like that: you can have a wedding that really is about the two of you. Because you matter. Your passions matter, your story deserves to be told in all its glory, in its own style. Each one of us has things that are tied to our important moments: for some it’s horses, for some it’s dragons, for others it can be a book, a movie… anything, really. Each of these things needs someone who knows what it’s about, and that is really listening to you to get why they are important.

As wedding professionals, we know how to speak with the all the other vendors you’ll need (and we know that they’ll be as enthusiastic as us!). As nerds and geeks, we really get you, get your problems, and we love to solve them with creativity.

One of our brides didn’t like the idea of the row of relatives and friends that awaited her after the ceromony, to kiss and hug her, because “oh my gosh, all those people at once, no!“? Been there, solved that for her, we’ll solve any problem for you too!

You’ll get all the accommodations you need. You’ll get creativity and practicality in one laughter-filled package, and with Costanza’s and Daniela’s abilities to translate from what you want to what everyone involved in the realization needs to know, you won’t need to explain your idea to a dozen people just to make it happen.

Come and meet us!


Planning, ceremony and much more.
Yours to see and choose.


Our weddings, each of them unique, made on demand for each couple following their desires!

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