Symbolic Ceremony

Klaatu barada nikt… I said it!

Imagine this: the venue of your dreams, on a delightful meadow, with rows of chairs filled with your guests, the two of you under a flower arch while the birds are chirping in the nearby trees, as the sun makes the rings gently glint, while you say “As you wish” to each other.

Or this, ancient ruins of times past, your guests standing all around you in a circle, the two of you, holding your hands, tied with a ribbon for a life of love and happiness.

Or again, the smooth sand under naked feet, the light of the setting sun, the sound of the sea, a seagull singing badly off key in the sky… yeah, I could go on and on, you can have symbolic ceremonies anywhere!

And again, you can build your rite as you want, I’ll help you through it all, and write your stories in the pages of your celebration, putting everyone in the perfect mood to party.

You can say your own vows, and, trust me, they’ll be magical.

This service can include:

Writing of the customized symbolic ceremony, that is, a ceremony completely based on the two of you, you’ll be the protagonists, you’ll be able to write your own vows and choose how to do them. It will be uniquely suited to the two of you.

Celebration of the symbolic ceremony: I’ll be there, for you, at the end of those rows of chairs, or at the centre of the circle of your family and friends, and you’ll have a familiar and calm presence who will then pronounce the words that tell your story, and that will bind you together in love.

Decoration of the ceremony site: my staff and I will come and set up whatever you want for the moment that is the beginning of everything. A flower arch, drapes of flowy silks and tull, a TARDIS door, whatever you choose, I’ll take care of making it special for you.

Choose one, or two, or all three,

and contact me to book your date!