Planning Services

I love when a plan comes together!

Yeah, with wonderful new ideas, there’s always a factor of unknown… and sometimes explaining the same idea again and again can get annoying and ruin the planning stage for you. With the Wedding Planning service, you get to keep the fun things and leave all the tiring and boring parts to me.

You get a person who will be thrilled to talk with you about the slightest detail, and then will get down to business to make it happen (if you sang “to defeat the Huns“, don’t worry, I do that too every single time). And if something you want doesn’t exist, my staff and I are here to make it happen, even if it means making it from scratch! It is your story to be told, and I will be chuffed to do it and to bring your guests along for the journey through your true passions! You have all the freedom you want, traditions are beautiful, but only if you want them, otherwise they’re just a nuisance!

This service includes:

Research and selection of the vendors for the wedding, so that every single one of them is the perfect choice to carry out the wedding you can see yourself into.

Wedding Designing, so that every detail of the décor, the invitations, the style matches your personalities and desires.

My presence on the day of your wedding, ready to direct the vendors and to make sure that our
plan runs smooth, so that nothing can disturb your fantastic day.

Is this what you need and crave?

Contact me to book your date!