Our Philosophy

We adore everything that is both beauty and useful (to carry on a cause, to generate joy…). Whether it is planning an event for a concert, or a theatre production or a marvelous wedding, we work relentlessly behind the scenes in order to make you work, your efforts, your Stories shine. Making people happy is demanding in its own right, but it gives us so much back that, even after nineteen hours of work in a day (oh, yeah, it happens!) we go back home smiling.


Magical Vows’ own mind and pen, born planner, bred translator. With my natural empathy and the ability to solve any problem with a smile you’ll fear nothing during your event: I’m not afraid of challenges, and there isn’t any problem that can’t be solved. Besides, I’ll always have time for you if you’re nervous and need a gentle and caring hand.


It’s not easy to define me …

What I can tell you, though, is that I love beauty in every form: I love observing and taking inspiration from everything that surrounds me, I like capturing the Emotions hidden in every detail and give them to the people around me through the designing and creation of unique and exclusive decoration. Perfumes, colours, shapes are part of the essential brushstrokes to paint your Dream.

Come and discover who we are!