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Each couple is different. Some love traditions, and it’s easy for them to find what they love! And then, there are those who dream of an alternative and surprising wedding, who want to see the passions that make their hearts run all around them on their wedding day, those who want to change things up, and not only to surprise their guests (although it is part of the game), but overall because they want to be at ease: it’s their story, they’re the protagonists.
There are several services that Magical Vows has available for you: planning, designing and symbolic ceremonies are all handled internally to guarantee you that every single detail will be in tune with your vision, your story. A good story needs consistency and harmony, so you don’t have to worry about anything!
To make this true, Magical Vows has five main types of service ready for you, click on each of them for more information!

Planning service:
I love it when a plan comes together!

You’ve had a fantastic idea for your wedding, it’s so good for you and your partner and you really love it. It fits you two like a glove, and you’ve never seen anything done quite like that before! Well, probably, neither most vendors.

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Three is a party

You really don’t want to deal with guestlist, RSVPs, people who just have to tell you their opinion on… anything, really. And you’d really like to take off and run away, just the two of you, find a lovely spot and get married there, just like Anakin and Padme, romantic and intimate, and no meddling Jedi in sight.

Why not?

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Symbolic Ceremony:
Klaatu barada nikt… I said it!

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful but stuffy church isn’t really your idea of ceremony, and getting married in a town hall seems a bit too cold and impersonal? I have your back!

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Language Pack:
Where is my Babel fish?

You need assistance with any official document or official rite that needs an interpreter and translator?

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