Magical Vows Services

Here you can find the different services Magical Vows offers: from the pop-up weddings with a fixed price – ideas for small and quick weddings, perfect for those who want something simple that you will be able to enjoy quickly, with a minimum of personalization – to the modular services that you can combine.
Or, you could choose the complete service!

Pop-up weddings

You can choose between the packages Molly, Mary, Anthea and Irene.
Molly package € 2990,00

The Molly package is prepared up to 12 people.

Mary package € 3990,00

The Mary package is prepared up to 20 people.

Anthea package € 5490,00

The Anthea package is prepared up to 30 people.

Irene package € 6690,00

The Irene package is prepared up to 40 people.

  • Venue for the reception and catering;
  • Wedding cake;
  • Party favours (small customized bags with embroidered initials), complete with sweetened almonds;
  • Photo service;
  • Set up of the reception hall;
  • Bouquet / boutonniere;
  • Pillow for the wedding bands;
  • Up to 3 meetings with each spouse to find the dress;
  • Guestbook;
  • Non-live music (SIAE not included).

And, for those who want it, also an exclusive symbolic ceremony written for you exclusively!
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Modular services combined

Single vendor search

A service intended for those couples who prefer to organize their wedding by themselves, but need a little help to find the vendor with that special feature.

Month of Coordination

It features the communication with the vendors starting from a month before the wedding, the presence of the Wedding Planner and, if needed, of other assistants from the preparation stage to the throwing of the bouquet.

Ceremony service

This service includes the writing of the personalized ceremony, to the spouses’ satisfaction, and celebration of the ceremony on the day of the wedding.

Complete service

Complete service: from the research and selection of each single vendor, to helping the spouses to look for their dresses and accessories; from the developing of the theme, to the conception of the decorations and the finding of the perfect vendor to create them. The package includes budget handling, complete availability by phone, message, e-mail and WhatsApp, writing of the symbolic ceremony (if needed) and coordination service for the day of the wedding.

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Vendors selection

Search and selection of each single vendor.

Dresses and accessories

Search of the dresses and suits for both spouses

Development of the theme

(development of the decorations and search of the vendors to create them), with the option of writing and celebrating the symbolic ceremony

Budget management

Budget management


Coordination of the wedding day