Three is a Party

The thought of guest-lists and table placements makes you feel queasy? You don’t really like thought of spending all that money in flower arrangements and you’d prefer go to a metal concert rather than listen to another jazzy compilation at aperitif?

You can do it.

No one says that you need to have a hundred people at your wedding and spend all your time smiling stiffly at them. Elope!

You’ll have everything you need (yes, even someone to help you lace that dress or knot that bowtie, I’ve got a lot of practice!

Hey, I saw you rolling your eyes, bowties are cool, ok?), and no stress added.

The Elopement service includes:

Research and selection of the vendors: looking for the vendors that really fit with your idea, and not making the idea fit the vendors, is so important to me, because that’s how everything really becomes a treat for the two of you.

You’ll have my presence at your side until you need me, so that I can help you getting dressed and I can give the last touches, giving you the perfect timing for your first look so that the photographer can capture it without worrying about anything else.

Writing and celebration of the ceremony, if it’s symbolic, because not having an audience doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve something unique and only you. Or assistance with the civil wedding, if you prefer an official one!

Décor and accessories, again, not having guests doesn’t stop you from having the perfect ambiance around you, the details that will make your day even more special, that will make you feel at ease and giddily happy because you’re surrounded by elements you love.

You like the idea of an elopement, then?

Contact me to book your date!