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Costanza was terribly helpful both before and during my wedding. She helped me in choosing the dress and the tailor who then customized it for me, she found the florist, the wedding bands and everything I needed.

On the day of the wedding, everything was perfect! I just needed to show up: everything was taken care of and I was able to fully enjoy the day. Thanks again for making our day so splendid!


The day of the wedding is an important day. Everything has to be perfect, the unexpected should be reduced to a minimum, and above all, there must not be doubts of what’s there to do.

Costanza took charge of our wedding like an expert friend, and it wasn’t easy, and she transformed our wedding in a unique event.

Competence, professionalism, creativity always respecting the needs and the tastes of the spouses. A precious guide, never oppressing or invasive, who took away all the stress of the preparations and left us only the pleasure of the waiting, of the choices and of the event.

There are loads of details and small things to think about, and she was able to handle everything just fine.

We wouldn’t have been able to make that day so special without her help.


Of one thing I’m sure: I wouldn’t have arrived sane to the wedding day without Costanza of Magical Vows.

For people like me who work for most of the day, on top of that in another city, organizing everything alone would have been impossibile. It seems so easy, but there are a ton of details to think about.

After the first hurdles, the choice of the venue for the reception, and of the bride-gown (and having someone to advise you who tries to understand your needs instead of forcing their preference on you is a huge help), it almost seems done, but it’s not true.

You still have to think to party favours, sweetened almonds (possibly, good ones), invitations, flowers, decorations, tableau mariage… all things that take a lot of time.

Magical Vows took care of everything, always following my desires and meanwhile demonstrating strong initiative and inventive skills, besides the ability to handle “last minute emergencies”: my wedding was on July 30th, with an average temperature of 35° C. Costanza had the idea to prepare some wedding bags for the guests during the religious ceremony, containing a fan and cool water. This way, my guests could escape the heat and everyone was happy.

Costanza knew how to advise me every time I had difficulties, offering me several alternatives, with different prices. A wedding planner always has a preferential channel with the vendors. This way I saved not only time and effort, but also money, which is not to be forgotten as a wedding can have a high cost…

I was very satisfied with her service and I recommend to those who want a customized unique and well organized wedding.


Ok , this will be hard, I’m not good with words.
From the groom’s point of view, everything was simply perfect.
I think that being able to fully enjoy one’s wedding, without any thoughts is something everyone should yearn for.

Seriously, if you leave the direction of the wedding to a person like Costanza, you can concentrate on the most important day because she will take care of everything else. At *everything else*, included annoying relatives.

Goodness, she lives 300kms away and we were able to do the site inspections together, the dress and several other things without a hitch, starting from the ceremony to the small details like the stag’s drinks on Friday night.

Trust me, be on the safe side: hire her.


Essential, discreet and professional!!!! Thanks for your intervention!!! SUPER RECOMMENDED.


Magical Vows took care of our wedding from A to Z. She found the venue, the catering, she let us to the best ateliers for the both of us, getting it on first try, she carefully took care of our particular theme (Dragons) and of our colours (light blue and black).

Unique and invaluable, we couldn’t hope for a best planner. It was worth every euro spent.


Easy-peasy, 5 stars (and more)! Costanza is competent, always available. Tireless, she always knows how to help a bride, so that she doesn’t get crazy.


Efficiency and helpfulness are the key words characterizing Costanza in Magical Vows. She’ll help you finding the best solutions for your needs, taking away the organizational problems, which would only stress you out!


We found Costanza online through Package Weddings Italy and are so grateful we did! She helped us plan our dream wedding in Venice from a distance as we are in Canada.

She took the time to truly understand our vision, budget, and values. She gave advise on where to save and where to splurge on things that were really worth it. Her communication was always prompt and her English was exceptional. We really felt that she was there to support us even helping to paint my nails the morning of the wedding and helping us when there was a train strike during our honeymoon.

Costanza really goes above and beyond and does a wonderful job. Thank you Costanza!


We confided in Costanza to choose some of our vendors, the coordination and the decorations of our big day. She was always accomodating and her answers were always quick to come.

She helped us make our choices, giving us advices if we asked for them but never imposing her ideas.


Costanza was our celebrant at our wedding on Sunday 23.07.2017.

We couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant. She was recommended to us by our wedding planner Elisa Conti from Italian Wedding Affair. Since they have worked together several times we decided that we would like to meet Costanza.
From our first skype session last year to our wedding day in Poppi Tuscany we always had a good laugh with Costanza.

She is hard working, also loves planning weddings and is a passionate celebrant. She has some great ideas and helped us create a personalised speech and was able to provide us with much detail regarding the different ceremony rituals that take place in Italy. We decided on the parchment ritual. All our guests could write a personal message for us and cast it into a wooden box.

Costanza always made me laugh no matter where we were. The language barrier was never a problem because she speaks fluent English. She gets to know the couples well and has a clear understanding of how to help them – together we were a great team! I loved how Costanza didn’t get nervous during the ceremony which also put me at ease. All our guests loved and praised her.

We can only recommend Costanza further and will guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience if you choose Costanza as your celebrant.
Grazie Mille,

Kyra and Jason

They organized my wedding, and it was a Victorian Style Wedding! I was very exigent with the style and coherence of the decor and they immediately understood me and made it happen as I wanted it, both on the artistic side and on the practical and bureaucratic side.

They took care of everything couldn’t or didn’t want to take car and I always call them to organize my work-related professional events! Super-recommended!


An essential element, without them my wedding wouldn’t have been the same. Their professional and willing attitude is a certainty with Magical Vows.

As the name itself says, they made my day magical!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!