A Hitchhiker’s guide to a Spring Wedding

Are you planning a spring wedding? Here's a guide for you on what to do if your wedding date is in the next three to six months!

A Hitchhiker’s guide to a Spring Wedding

Are you getting a spring wedding? This spring, you mean?
The date might be looming over your head, driving you crazy in a planning spree (believe me, I’ve been there!)… or it might seem so far away that everything can be pushed back and done, well,

Whatever the case, don’t panic and read on, this article is for you!

the italian back book cover of an hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, with written, in italian: NEIL GAIMAN, DON'T PANIC, the terrestrial guide for readers of a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy So, you’re getting a Spring Wedding!

You still have four to six months before getting married, there’s no rush yet but the pressure is there. Now is the time to review all your vendors, make a checklist and see: do you have all the vendors you’re going to need? If yes, that’s great! If not, get them, this is still within a decent time frame to do it.

Look your best!

This is a good moment for the trials for makeup and hair, especially if you want to change something in your appearance: discuss everything with your stylist and you can still experiment without jeopardizing everything if you don’t like the result. Want to get that spray tan done to see what it looks like? Or try and see if you can manage gel nails at all? Now is the time.

Remember to keep your vendors in the loop, the open line of communication is your best tool!

One ring to rule them all… or two (or three, four…)

If you haven’t yet, this is the moment to define your rings! Especially if you want to go handmade, don’t dally, you might be just on the edge of too-late.

It’s also a good moment to look for accessories and decide on a definitive plan for your wedding party, pages, and flower children: what are they going to wear? How do you want your frolicking kids to, well, frolic down your wedding aisle?

Are your people of honour going to wear a corsage or a boutonniere? A spring wedding gives you a lot of leverage with flower arrangements, after all

A tableau de mariage, with victorian literature on a piece of bark held by an elegant standPaper Suite Madness

Make sure your invitations have already gone out if you’re getting married in early spring, or that they’re leaving now if your date is closer to June, especially if you have a destination wedding: give your guests time to RSVP… and yourself time to call all of those you know will forget to answer!
If you’re doing a custom paper suite (link to article), ideally at this point you would have already talked with your designer about your preferred style for your spring wedding, so it’s time to talk to them about custom signage or printed decorations!

Nailing “The Feel”

Talk with your photographer and videographer about the photos and post editing you want, so that they can get the best shots.

Start working on the music with your partner: what do you want for the entrance? What about the ceremony? The dance and cutting of the cake?

Think about your blacklist of songs for the DJ, so that you won’t get rickrolled during your reception – unless you plan to make all your internet-savvy guests groan, which can be fun!
I always stress this part out: the song blacklist is necessary with a DJ or a live act, you don’t want to have to interrupt or micromanage your musicians on the day itself, so give them all the information they might need well in advance!

Shipping and mail…

It’s the perfect moment to think about and search for party favours, or anything that you know is going to take more than one month to arrive, so you’ve got time to order it again should it mysteriously vanish in the mail.

Most of all, relax! You’ll have the last three months before the wedding to be nervous about it.

Remember, keep the communication open with your planner and vendors!


A lot of clocks, reminding the busy woman that the time is ticking!If you’re starting the planning now you definitely need to hurry up!

Especially with the venues and especially if you aim for a weekend date: some venues might be booked way in advance, but still have some mid-week dates.

Do you really want to get married this spring and you don’t know how to pull it off?

You can contact me by clicking here, I’ve already planned last-minute weddings: they are a little crazier, but it’s really fun. Well, they’re fun for me! I love challenges!

PS: Isn't that cover of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy so, so cool??