Your Wedding Holiday in Arezzo

Your Wedding Holiday in Arezzo

Here at Magical Vows we are very aware that destination weddings are never just weddings, and that it can be a unique chance to visit Tuscany; that’s why we decided to ask a professional for a few tips for those of you that are itching to stay after getting hitched for you wedding holiday in Arezzo.
So here’s a guest article by our good friend and professional tour guide, Chiara Barbagli, who will give you a sneak peak of our city!

The big day is coming and you decided to take your vows in Arezzo. Good idea! Arezzo is indeed a charming town. Now, you want to spend a few days in the city of the prancing horse? Well, let me give you a few ideas to have a relaxing wedding holiday in Arezzo with… your family and Friends.The Main Square of Arezzo, a great place to visit for your wedding holiday in Arezzo!

Towers, churches, and parks, what a walking tour!

Let’s look at Arezzo, to begin with. The origins of the city date back to the 6th century BC, but most of the buildings are medieval. Piazza Grande is one of the most charming squares in Arezzo and it’s a great spot to have a drink with a view on the Logge Vasari.

The historic centre of Arezzo is pretty compact and walkable and offers a great number of attractions if you love art and history… also, you can book a guide for a tour of the city.

And if you have children, well, consider the Medici Fortress on the top of the hill with its stunning view of the city and a throwback to the Renaissance Period.

Charmed by art? Capitalize on your wedding holiday in Arezzo and get your eyes on

👉The Holy Cross Legend frescos by Piero della Francesca in the Bacci Chapel.

👉 San Domenico church and the Crucifix by Cimabue

A tourist getting their facial hair shaved in public at the arezzo antiques' fairArezzo Antiques’ Fair is a great start for a full immersion in Italian culture: we do love to have a walk in the city centre and look for old gizmos of all kinds! The very first Fair took place on June 2nd, 1968, which makes Arezzo’s Fair the oldest in Italy. The old city is full of activity thanks to the exhibitors coming from the whole country, and your wedding holiday in Arezzo is indeed the perfect moment to go and take a peek.

When: Every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday

Where: Old town of Arezzo

Do you love hiking and nature?A view from above of the bustling streets of Arezzo Antiques' fair

No problem: 40 minutes by car will get you in Casentino, the holy valley of Arezzo. Arno, the same river that flows in Florence, welcomes you here.

You can visit the old castle of Poppi like Dante Alighieri did, or have a day in Camaldoli to hike and taste a good “Ciaccia”!

Perfect if you tie the knot in summer or autumn, when you can admire the foliage, the forests turn yellow and red like in a beautiful painting.

I hope you are intrigued by our delightful province, and we look forward to seeing you here for your wedding holiday in Arezzo!

Photos by Chiara Barbagli.