How to dress the groom - a trip with Magical Vows

The sister of the groom helps him getting dress with his suit

How to dress the groom – a trip with Magical Vows

In the past, we’ve already talked in general about useful strategies for both female and male presenting spouses. Today I’d love to bring you with me on an actual day dedicated to how to dress a groom!

Marco is one of my clients and he’ll be getting married in October 2022. We went looking for the perfect suit in early April, and those six months, if possible, are a time frame I recommend to all my clients: the wedding suit and the wedding dress can have quite the wait or production time!

He brought his sister and a couple of friends with him. As explained in the very first post of this blog, make sure that the people you bring with you know how to help you. Marco brought amazing people with him and we all had a ton of fun!

As his wedding will be quite classic but with a definite baroque background and a sparkling theme, I opted to bring him to one of my favourite ateliers in Arezzo.

Manuel Locci and his father, of I Sarti Toscani, on an armchair in the atelierManuel Locci, the owner of I Sarti Toscani, is a talented tailor, specialising in male fashion. He has a great passion for his job, working with him is always a fantastic experience, and I can’t help learning more and more each time.

Technical aspects, historical nuances and etiquette must all be taken into consideration, to varying degrees. Having a professional means that they know how to dress a groom appropriately for every occasion.

Manuel started bringing out some models. Working with a tailor means that you’ll be an active participant in the creation of your suit because you’ll be involved in choosing the cut, the model, and the actual fabrics.

But I’m getting ahead.

How to dress a Groom: what is the perfect cut?

The first thing we did was make Marco try all the different styles: tight, demi-tight, three-piece, even the tuxedo. But remember, the tuxedo should not be worn as a wedding suit. Why? Because it originates as a smoking jacket, a robe to avoid making the pyjamas smell of tobacco. Would you wear a dressing robe at your wedding? Still, there are plenty of occasions on which it’s perfect, so knowing what style you prefer helps!

Trying all the available styles is useful because you need to know which ones you feel comfortable in and which ones you like most so that you can cross-reference that information with the kind of attire your wedding needs.

A groom in morning dress with embroidery, waits for his bride.It is important to go searching for the suit having a clear idea of the level, let’s say, of formality you need for it.

This mainly depends on the venue, because dressing too formally for an event in an olive grove is just as unfit as being underdressed for a Victorian-inspired event! Besides, it’s also important that both spouses stand out during their day, and sometimes grooms opt for “something they can wear a second time”. Look, contrary to most wedding gowns, you can always wear the trousers, shirt and often also the vest again, so do not hesitate to be a bit daring with your outfit, especially because it’s not something that happens every day: have fun!

Just remember: there is no ONE perfect cut that goes for everyone!


How to dress a groom: the colour

This is a personal choice, but still, it’s good to take into consideration the colours chosen for the wedding. Especially if the other spouse has any colour accent in their attire. We need the spouses to be recognizable but also to match a bit with each other!

As a rule of thumb, lighter colours are perfect for the morning, mid-hues for lunchtime until 4 pm, and darker hues for late afternoons.

How to dress the groom: choosing the fabric

The most used fabric for groom suits is in light wool (in Italian it’s called “Fresco di lana”, cool wool basically). This is because wool is a wonderful thermal regulator. The light wool can keep you cool for the whole summer.

Trust your tailor and your Wedding Planner if you have one. Ask for their advice, and then… choose what made you feel best. You’ll need to wear that suit for several hours, comfort is fundamental.

If, like Marco, you’re choosing the fabric, bring them in the natural light, so that the colour is not altered by the artificial lighting.

I won’t tell now what was chosen in this case, it’s a surprise and you’ll see the photos after the event (I’ll make sure to link the gallery here as well!)

And for those of you who have already found the suit: did you have fun? I hope so!

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