The thing with 2020 (and Lucca Comics and Games)

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A scene from Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom, when the female lead is presented with a frozen monkey brain inside the monkey head.

The thing with 2020 (and Lucca comics and Games)

I have to admit I’m in difficulty. I’ve spent two weeks thinking that I would write a sweet if a little bit nostalgic post about Lucca Comics and Games, and then so much happened and I feel like my brain is fried.

A woman of colour with light make up looking up and with strips of white paper with written words on her face. Words include: Coronavirus, George Floyd, and, repeatedly, 2020.You know, it’s basically the average 2020 feeling. Deep-fried brain Syndrome, they’ll call it probably. Well, at least it’s not a monkey brain served cold… (now you know why I chose that image for the cover).

It was so strange not going to Lucca Comics and Games this year, so weird not being able to see all the fantastic people I usually meet there. I missed working with Valentina and Cristina to set up the stand and joking and silly songs when we’re exhausted.

To tell the truth, I’m working a lot in this period.

I’m preparing new things for the website, for Facebook, yeah, sometimes even Instagram! I’m using this time to get better at my job, so that when you need me, I’ll be there, at my best. I’m studying and volunteering in two associations.

But… I’d like to know how you feel. It’s rare, in the history of the world, that all of us live through something so traumatic at the same time, and that throws everyone in deep uncertainty.

So, let me say this, at least once.

If, this year, you found a way to get over the fear and the stress and do something that makes you happy, good for you! Let me know what it was that helped you keep your sanity, send me a DM on Instagram or comment on Facebook, I’d love to read you gush about the things that make your day easier, better! Let’s find some good things in this weird time, let’s share them, make the good shine!

If, instead, this year, you have felt hopeless more often than not,

Una sposa di spalle che abbraccia stretta un'amica che ricambia l'abbraccioif you have felt like in a fog, let me send you a big virtual hug. Your feelings are valid, it’s completely normal during a pandemic, and there’s nothing wrong if you feel like this year is lost. You are getting through a tough time and I’d like to know what would help you. I can’t solve every problem in the world, but I can try with what I know about… Maybe you had to postpone your wedding and you’d like a piece of advice? Or, maybe you had to cancel it completely… I’d like you too to reach out to me, and let me know your problem, your question so that I can try to use my energy to make up for yours.

I know that amidst all this, it’s difficult to feel like we can do something meaningful, but I really think that it’s times like these that make humans come up with new solutions, better ways of living… I want to believe in the goodness of people, so… I’m trying to offer something to the people around.

Hoping to see you all at Lucca Comics and Games 2021!

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Credits: Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels

Photo of the hug by Claudia Boschi