Perfect Venue - Part II

7 questions you should ask yourself
The spouses in their perfect venue, cutting the cake in front of the swimming pool with people all around with magic sparkles

Perfect Venue – Part II

7 questions you should ask yourself

Let’s start with the second part about your hunt for the perfect venue. There are several elements to consider, so here I am, numbered list!

1. Does any of our guests have special needs?

Sometimes we have relatives or friends who don’t move as easily as they used to, or who have to use a wheelchair or crutches. Or there are people we love who can’t stand crowds and thus need a safe space to go and relax (or you could have any of these needs). I advise you to think about these things beforehand so that it’s easier to provide them the easiest way to suit their needs. Most venues have no accessibility problems, but some are easier than others!

2. Do we need the exclusivity of the venue?

This is very important because some venues host more than one wedding at the time, or have rooms for external guests. Keep in mind that exclusivity always comes with a cost, so remember to put it into your budget.

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3. Are we going to invite children?

More and more couples opt to go for a childfree wedding, but most will still have some children present. The perfect venue gives you a bit more room to organize a baby-sitter service and have someone look after the children in a space that is separate but adjacent to the space where you’ll have your party, especially during the dinner. This way everyone can have fun: the adults with drinks and jokes, and the children with some entertainment that is fit for their age. I’m sure we all remember how dull it was, as children, to sit at the table and listen to boring adult stuff…

4. Are there some features we absolutely need for our wedding?

For example, some will want a swimming pool at their venue at all costs, or to have dinner in a vineyard, or having a fantastic ice fountain with a Snowman as child entert… no, sorry, that was me watching Frozen 2. Arendelle would indeed do a fantastic wedding venue, wouldn’t it? In any case, list what you can’t do without and only go and see venues that have that element (now I kinda want to plan a Frozen-themed wedding, especially with the crystals…).

5. What time will we be at the venue, and how long do we want to keep partying?

This is not only a question for evening weddings, but also for daytime weddings in venues that host two consecutive events in a day: they’ll surely have a time limit (around 6pm) even if you go there for lunch. For evening weddings, it’s more about how long do you want to be dancing after the cutting of the cake. For example, let’s say that the cutting of the cake is at 11pm, always ask the venue their timing for the night, some venues will have limits at 1am, some others at 3, for others you can go on until the next day.

6. Do we have a particular layout for our reception in mind?

If you want a long table with all the guests sitting there, you’ll need a bigger space than for separate tables. Also, consider that you might be able to do it outdoor, but if you’re forced indoor by the weather, you’ll probably have to arrange for two tables, or a different layout. Take this into consideration while looking the venues!

7. Do we need accommodation?

If you want to sleep at the venue, or you want to have your whole wedding party there, make sure that they have rooms or apartments, and that they are sufficient for everyone you want with you!

So, this was part 2, and until now it’s all homework for you to do on your own. Consider that if you do this before going and seeing the actual venues, you’ll have a much better idea of your needs and wants, and of which questions to ask to the owner.

You can use these both for venues that also provide the food for the reception and with those venues that don’t provide the food. Do you want one article focused on how to choose the perfect catering/restaurant? If yes, let me know in the comments either on Facebook or Instagram!

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