How to... go wedding venue hunting!

Part I
Wedding Venue Hunting: the beautiful Ca' Sagredo's staircase with a bride coming down the stairs

How to… go wedding venue hunting!

Part I

Going wedding venue hunting is the second fundamental step you can do in your journey to organize your wedding. After deciding how many people you’re going to invite and the budget (the blogpost Wedding Budget Breakdown can help you with this if you need it), the venue is the next thing that will influence everything else.


Because its style, colours, existing décor, and price will set the mood for the rest of the décor and expenses. And its layout will set the foundation for the creation of the different spaces you’ll want at your wedding. If you choose a long-distance vessel like the Enterprise, you’re going to have a certain kind of journey, if you choose a medium-distance ship like the Voyager, you’re going to have another. And if you happen to be forced to go long-distance with the medium-distance ship, more adjustments and expenses might be needed.

Comparison between locations: Enterprise class Galaxy vs Voyager class Intrepid
I don’t really know if I helped you with this comparison, let’s go more in detail with an example!

So, let’s say that Andrea and Morgan are looking for the venue for their wedding. They have about 80 guests, and want to do an outdoor wedding in summer. Summer is also high season in Italy, so they decide to start looking for venues more or less one year in advance (because they chose Tuscany, in other places, you might want to start earlier). They will probably be on internet for their wedding venue hunting, falling in love with beautiful gardens and terraces, and finding out about prices and services, but

what is the first thing they need to look for?

That their ideal venue has more than enough space to do the whole event indoor.

Why should they look for that, if they want to be outdoor?

Because not even Bluebell can help us with the weather, it’s out of everyone’s control, and it’s better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

It is very important to choose a place you’ll love regardless, a place where, even if there’s snow in August, you will make the best memories, you will have the best fun you have ever had, you can be happy and forget all about the weather because you won’t have to worry about anything and anyone.

It might not seem so, but going wedding venue hunting can be very emotional. It’s something that gives you a time and a place, that makes everything more concrete. For someone, it’s more emotional than finding the right dress. For someone, it might be just a matter of convenience. There’s not a right or a wrong way to feel about it, but in any case, logistics should not be forgotten. In this case, having us to help makes it a bit easier to live, because we will check the practicalities for you, so you are free to choose with your heart, if so you desire (because we’ll have checked the price and everything)!

What is the next step?

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Credit: Venue: Hotel Ca’ Sagredo, Venice

Photo: Laure Jacquemin