August 15th, here you are

Although it's being a rollercoster...
A beautiful view of the Seaside of Castiglione della Pescaia, Framed by tull, fairy lights and a heart, as you'd see on August 15th.

August 15th, here you are!

August 15th is here!

Even here at Magical Vows we’re due for some rest. So, we’re taking advantage of August 15th to make a small pause while preparing new things for Fall 2020. Why August 15th? Because it is a national holiday in Italy, and traditionally this week most companies close. It’s a traditional time for rest and going to the seaside and play and have fun.

Oh goodness, this year gives such a strange sensation, doesn’t it? I swear, this is just the longest year ever, and everything seemingly happening at once doesn’t help.
Usually, August 15th is not a moment of reflection, it’s a moment of rest and suspension of the routine, but if there’s one thing that this year has messed up with is the concept of routine itself. It’s been a challenge, from March on, to establish a new one, trying to understand what the real objectives worth the effort were, but I’m happy to say that Magical Vows has been, for me, a way to use all the energy that I used to waste in too many different directions.

Sure, I would have preferred avoiding the forced sabbatical, but how does that saying go? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and this I decided to do. I took advantage of the sudden free time to improve how Magical Vows communicates with its public, with you, and to give you something new and better.

I hope you’ll appreciate more and more everything Daniela and I are planning for you!

I also hope that you can rest too, with at least a bit of pause, a good book, a series you love. There are a lot of little things we can do to take care of ourselves, and I encourage you to find yours: sometimes even half an hour a day can save you from a burn out!

If you’re planning your wedding, remember that you can contact us for any question, via e-mail or through chat on Facebook and Instagram: I’ll be glad to spend a bit of time chatting with you. Especially if you’re just starting, I really recommend reading Bluebell’s Corner: there are already a lot of useful tips to start the planning in the right way!

And stay tuned: one of the September News could be directly for you…

Are you curious?

Good, I want you curious!

See you soon!

And, again, happy August 15th!

Write me for any question!