Busy Woman at Work!!

Will this busy woman survive this end of the year?
A lot of clocks, reminding the busy woman that the time is ticking!

Busy Woman at Work!!

Will this busy woman survive this end of the year?

It’s been a few busy weeks, this last leg of the year is proving to be challenging, even if for different reasons than from March on.

I’d love to update you a bit on what I’m doing because I know the work of a Wedding Planner might not seem much if we’re not doing events, but actually, I have to keep myself on a strict schedule to be able to get anywhere!

Busy Woman, take 1:

So, as I hope you’ve noticed by me sharing posts and having a nice blue badge on my website, in June I joined a Wedding Planner Association, Wedding Planner Italia. I’ve also mentioned them in the blog once or twice. Talking with my colleagues has been so refreshing and nice, and we’re all becoming better at our jobs for that. We really challenge each other, but we also help each other a lot, so I’m absolutely sure I’ve taken the right decision when I joined! I really think cooperation is the key in our rather lonely job, and I’m sure this can only have positive consequences for my clients!

Busy Woman, take 2:

I’m also working on some new weddings for 2022! Yeah, I know, it seems like I’m skipping a year, but destination weddings need a longer planning stage even in normal times! I’ve also decided that I’ll be doing only a set number of wedding per year (10 or so), because I want to make sure that each one of my clients has the best experience they can with me, and it can be done only if I give them the time they need. The amount of work I put in a single wedding is nothing to scoff at and I want you to have your planner in tip-top conditions!

Busy Woman, linguist edition!

On a partially unrelated note, this year I’ve been involved in conferences, articles, web radio and even YouTube appearances regarding the new The Lord of the Rings Italian translation. Hasn’t that been a journey on its own (yeah, I’m not carrying the One Ring, everything is fine)…

Busy woman, take 3!

Oh, this is actually something that should really interest you all! With other Wedding Planners and Vendors associations we’re working to develop a protocol to be followed to handle weddings during this pandemic, as it’s more than likely than 2021 will still need guidance (even as we see the first vaccine, YAY SCIENCE!). And as most of us are indeed planners, we’re working crazy fast, like a wedding to be organized in two months (been there, done that). Stay tuned because we might as well have news in the first two months of 2021, and we hope to let the spouses breathe a bit easier for their weddings in 2021. Pun not intended.

Busy woman, take 4!

I’m also working for those of you who are still in the “thinking whether I should start plan my wedding” stage! In the few first weeks of 2021 I’ll be starting a newsletter with which I’ll be able to keep you posted on news, promotions and blog articles, and I’m preparing a nice freebie for you all!

Ok, I think that’s enough about this Busy Woman. I’m so happy I don’t have to organize my wedding too at this moment!! Well, now I have a well of fantastic colleagues to choose from!

What are you working on? What kept you busy in 2020 (if it’s just “trying to survive this shit year”, that’s totally fine, that’s hard work too!). Let me know in the Facebook Page or on Instagram!

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