C&G – A Very Dragon Wedding

Handfasting, rito celtico di legatura delle mani, inserito in una cerimonia simbolica personalizzata.


Clients Costanza and Gianni
Services Wedding Planning


What happens when the person getting married is the Wedding Planner?

Crazy things, that’s what happens! Like two dragons taking control of everything and just sticking their nose everywhere: the invitations, the table names, theparty favours, the wedding rings. The Wedding dress. Knowing the right vendors, fantasy doesn’t have limits, and the results are unforgettable.

We wanted our dragons so bad, we felt them ours for the whole year of planning, and since that October 1st, 2016, we’ve felt them ours every day.

The dragon eggs as centrepieces, the colouring books for the children, even the table names and the bouquet had traces of these mythical animals, and we were in the middle of all this, while family and friends laughed and had fun with us.

Our wedding, perfect for us.