Here you’ll find all the different services available for the organization of your dreamy day, to give you our best for your every need

Day of the wedding

Everything is ready for your special day, but you realized that you won’t have time to prep everything exactly how you thought it: here we come with a coordination service for the day of the wedding. Starting with a meeting with the spouses (at least two weeks before the set date), we’ll be taking care of directing your event, following your desires, and providing cues and help to all the vendors for a spotless service.

Image Consulting

Amidst thousands of decorative options, we will guide you in the choice for the one right for you, the one that best goes with the style you chose and overall the best to tell your guests your story and relationship.

Decoration and flower design

You’ve already found all the vendors and you love tham, but you want to make sure that the decoration and the flowers tell your story: here we are at your service! We’ll be at your side full of originality and customization ideas that will leave you breathless, starting from the conception of the invites until the last party favour for your guests, with painstaking attention to flowers, ideas which are always new and never predictable, up to finding the perfect party favours to thank your guests, nothing is left to chance.

Selection and management of qualified vendors

Whether you’re looking for the last vendor to make your event perfect, or for more than one to satisfy all your needs, our team will accompany you, firstly by understanding your needs and then giving you all the answers you seek!

WP à la carte

Combine the services you want in the set you prefer: there are no limits to what you can choose!

360° WP

For the most exigent spouses, for those who don’t want to see a single stray hair, not even during the organization, for those who don’t have time or, simply, for those who don’t want to organize everything by themselves, we offer a complete service that includes everything, from the beginning to the end of your journey.