V&R – Magic and candlelight

A pink rose in a vintage teacup for an Alice in Wonderland wedding decor


Clients Veronica and Riccardo
Services Wedding Planning - partial


With almost 200 guests and two very exigent clients, I probably laid a spell or something on the weather to make it behave properly and give us the beautiful sunny day that accompanied Veronica and Riccardo’s Wedding.

A gorgeous late 19th century venue in an elegant Tuscan style welcomed them from the preparation stage (which resulted in stunning photos) and the whole evening, between the gardens, the pool and the lavish iron gazebo where their guests and them were welcomed by the fascinating light of dozens of candles (I found calluses on my fingers to light them all!).

A delicate theme for Veronica and Riccardo, a sweet reference to childhood stories: each table inspired by a fable, a tale, a story, recalling innocence, love and happiness. The tenuous tones of green, pink and white painted the scene, and the mirrors on the tables duplicated the lights, in an unforgettable kaleidoscopic effect.