Valentina and Riccardo


Clients Valentina and Riccardo - Victorian Wedding
Services Decorations plus other vendors


June 2017: Valentina (yes, our wonderful seamstress owner of Stardust Atelier) marries her Riccardo!

This wedding is also the first collaboration with Daniela Santoro. Daniela is a talented Wedding Designer: from 2018 it will be the two of us who will follow every wedding, always to offer you the best!

But, let’s go back to our spouses!

Valentina and Riccardo, extrovert, with a very well shaped taste (especially the bride), and with a precise theme in mind: the Victorian Age. This concept, revisited in a modern key allowing for the venue, takes inspiration from the books of that period: Dracula (for the bridal table), 20.000 leagues under the sea, the Count of Monte Cristo.

Each table has its defined character, and the fil rouge that began with the official looking invitations goes on in every element of the decoration, without interruption, telling the spouses’ story and lives.