K&J – Masked Winter Wedding

Centerpiece detail, with mirrors, black feathers, candles and two white and gold masks with a burning candle.


Clients Kristina and Jody
Services Wedding Planning


We often think that it takes a lot of time to organize a wedding, and, in general, it’s not a bad idea to start a year or so in advance, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do it faster! Kristina and Jody booked us early December 2018 for their wedding in early February 2019!

They enjoy travelling and having fun, and were just wonderful to work with, we had a blast!

We selected a gorgeous venue in the centre of Florence for them, with a breathtaking view, and we created a glamourous and elegant decor, in black, gold and white, inspired by the Venetian masks that the spouses had purchased as party favour for their guests. We wrote a customized symbolic ceremony just for them, that involved each of their guests with a ring warming! In the magnificent scenery of the centre of Florence, the spouses and their guests enjoyed wonderful panoramas and, blessed by a sunny and warm day, they could have the whole day to celebrate!