Katia and Antonio

Signpost with directions for Victorian games at an open air ceremony
Gothic fantasy dressed bride and groom in a castle room for their wedding
Hands holding up a red and black wedding rings box with octopus arms, in the style of H.P. Lovecraft
A steampunk dressed groom waking towards a garden wedding ceremony
Castle wedding with bride in a steampunk dress, walking with her father to a garden ceremony
Laughing spouses in Victorian circus style clothing, during their open air ceremony
A black and white photo of two spouses dressed in a gothic fantasy style, kissing under an archway
A table centerpiece with a cute version of H.P.Lovecraft's Chtulhu with black candles
Steampunk dressed woman and man, playing victorian games at an open air wedding
A black and white centerpiece with a ballerina doll, at a wedding in a castle
A steampunk centerpiece made with black bottles with bronze gears
A victorian centerpiece with a bronze dwarf and candles, at a castle wedding
Victorian Circus inspired bronze puppet, with gears and a table sign under the arm
A Cake Topper made in metal, with the bride and groom imprisoned, over a fruit cake
A steampunk centerpiece of an evil clown similar to IT, under a glass dome, surrounded by candles floating in water glasses
A hand taking jellybeans from a jar, sourrounded by other tall jars full of candy
A black and white photograph of two laughing spouses at a table, with a victorian circus banner and a wine barrel behind them
A Chtulhu centerpice being brought to the spouses' table, with a black hot air baloon and candles
A black tray full of small English tea sandwiches at an open air ceremony
A black tray full of small english tea scones with jam at an open air ceremony
A wooden horse on top of small black and red bags of party favors in a castle courtyard
Smiling bride and groom in steampunk style clothing, posing with burning fire show equipment
A full figure photo of spouses in gothic fantasy clothing, posing inside a fire circle and smiling


Clients Katia and Antonio - steampunk circus
Services Wedding Planning


We worked on this wedding for a whole year. Katia and Antonio had a very precise atmosphere in mind, they really wanted to bring the guests with them in a Circus of time past. The Victorian Era lent its style for clothes and the “freak show” circus, and then… they asked us to add a sprinkle of H.P. Lovecraft.

Daniela and I were ecstatic. We traded ideas back and forth (we even tried to have a real hot air balloon, but it would have blown the budget, and this time it wasn’t a real priority). Daniela started creating her centrepieces, the table plan, the tents. The bride didn’t want any flowers, so we used cogs and coloured sands, and little and big Cthulhus, and Daniela made dolls and assembled vintage trinkets found in chests of treasures. I worked with the spouses to put their story in every detail, from the dresses (Stardust Atelier is always a guarantee in these cases) to the symbolic ceremony, and even our outfits were made to fit.

The splendid restaurant worked with us, ensuring that we could have a personalized menu, with scones and tea and small sandwiches, and still have the true experience of the food here in Tuscany. We entertained the guests during the afternoon with games and candy floss and sweets and licorice, music during the dinner and a marvellous fire show at night. A window opened on the oniric dimension that Katia and Antonio wanted to show their guests!