Not only weddings! We’ll be by your side for any event you want to plan, whether it is private or a business one, and we’ll take care both of the logistics and the more artistic part.


Planning an event starts from the style you’ll want to give it: our consultation is focused on the research (or the creation) of the exact style that will later be the leitmotiv of the event itself.

Artistic Direction

In order to select the contents that will vehicle the message you want to give to your event, you’ll have our complete assistance in every choice, because an event is not only a pretty box, it’s also made of topics to address.

Events direction

Nothing is left to chance on the day of the event, thanks to our attentive coordination of vendors and guests, so that the schedule is followed and everything may be as smooth as glass.

Image Consulting

Amidst thousands of decorative options, we will guide you in the choice for the one right for you, based on the topics on chart and on the chosen style.

Selection and management of qualified vendors

Each event needs people who know their work and do it at their best: here at Magical Vows we carefully select our vendor so that they fit with our high quality standards.