Glad to meet you, I’m Costanza

Oh, hello! Welcome! Glad to meet you, I’m Costanza Bonelli and I am the mind and the hands behind Magical Vows, that is, if you’ll want me, I’ll be your Wedding Planner.
Class 1984, married with Gianni from October 2016, we’ve loved each other and been together since 2005, I also have two lovely dogs that keep me company. When they’re not sleeping on the sofa, of course.
I am a cheerful person, very optimistic but also very pragmatic: I face every challenge with a smile, and I’m always cool when solving a glitch, or facing an unpredictable situation, I put my heart in everything I do.

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My philosophy

I love working behind the scene, I love preparing the stage to let other people shine, I am happy for their joy. After all, you are the protagonists, and I want you to shine! Choosing the dress, designing invitations, centerpieces, petit cadeaux and decorations; researching, finding and engaging the best artisans and professionals; creating the symbolic ceremony, completely customized on the spouses’ needs, coordinating the day of the wedding, so that you won’t have to think about anything: these are only some of the services I can offer you! I love this job because its primary objective, its true purpose is only one: make people happy. Which is not as easy as it might seem at first: you need a lot of hard work, a good chunk of patience, and a pinch of magic never hurts.

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My story

I first started out by organizing game events in 2007 with a non-lucrative association. I was in charge of the logistic part but I gave my contribution to the recreational side too. When I started working two jobs, my free time dramatically decreased and I had to leave that world, but I kept feeling the push to organize.
How I specifically started my journey into wedding planning is, if you want, a bit cliche, but they are cliches for a reason, right? Five years ago, one of my best friends told me that she would have gotten married the following year. We were already living 400 km apart, but I didn’t hesitate in asking her “Do you want me to help?” and she didn’t hesitate to accept it, either.
Despite the distance, I was with the spouses every step of the way. May that be visiting the chosen venues and deciding how to use the space, or being with them when they chose their dresses. I managed to get the bride the most comfortable shoes I could, and I got the organization down, with the other bridesmaid referring to me, and coordinating all those who wanted to do something special to celebrate the spouses, with moving and wonderful ideas.
I still remember when I got there, two days before the wedding (so I could take care of the last minute adjustment and be fresh for the main day). The bride, a dear friend of mine since the days of University, is usually a quite anxious person. On that day, she was seraphic. When people asked her why, she answered, “Costanza will take care of everything.
The groom, who is usually quite collected and cool, was instead so nerve-wrecked that I decided to coordinate with the photographer, who was with him to have him at the right place, at the right time.
Hair, make-up, bridesmaid, are you ready? Yes! Last touches, shoes and ready, set, go!
It was so satisfying to create the perfect entrance, with all the guests’ eyes on the happy couple!
The Lemon House in Torri del Benaco was the gorgeous stage in that warm, serene and clear day of June.
Then, I had to have everyone arrive at the Villa at the right time, let the guests in the garden where the spouses would make their entrance, with the music they had so painstakingly chosen. The photobooth, the surprises for the guests and the surprises for the spouses, and I was the only one who knew ALL that had to happen. I was directing the day: the coordinator, the one who allowed every event to happen in the right order, at the right time, in an unparalleled carousel of emotions.
That. That was the moment I said to myself, “I want to do this again. I want to see other smiles, other bright eyes, and I want to know that that day is so special to them because of me, too. Because I let them enjoy it without the slightest concern.”
And it’s this will, this push to create joy, that comes back for every wedding, because this is the core of the event “Wedding”: to celebrate happiness!